Wayne Peters Publishes an Unread Book.

Wayne Peters published a book on his time in the Great Depression. His son, Jim, says that the book is funny, and pertinent. The fact that it was published nine years after his death is a testimony to Jim Peters. Jim thought it was interesting. It is. It is about growing up as the youngest son of a blacksmith who bought all of his mortgage and stock and lost it in the downturn in fortunes. His father was forced to forget his bad luck in the market and travel to a job, learning how to adjust to being a renter after raising his oldest children as the owner of his business. He was lucky to get a position.

This is a long book but it reveals how difficult it was to grow up as a toddler and young student in Manson, Iowa during the Depression. It is an excellent book.

Enjoy it, very few copies are extant. This is one book to have.

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