Ed Markey is no Paul Tsongas

I was related to Paul Tsongas. He was my wife’s brother. All I can say is that, in six years Paul Tsongas spent more time in Massachusetts than Ed Markey has done in 43 years. Ed Markey even spent one time in Lowell a few months ago and had it written up in the local newspaper. Paul Tsongas spent virtually every night in Lowell. All I can say is that Ed Markey is no Paul Tsongas. Would that he was.

Paul Tsongas would still be Senator if it was not for that awful cancer. Ed Kennedy is younger, like Paul, wiser, like Paul, and healthy, unlike Paul Tsongas. I wish we still had Paul to keep us straight. He would be watching out for his home city. I remember when Niki Tsongas told me that Lowell was Paul’s « Center of the Universe. » I believe that it was and still is. Let’s get someone like Paul back in the Senate. Let’s elect Joe Kennedy for Senator. He will not be spending is time in Maryland. In fact, he will be spending his time in Lowell, working on Lowell’s problems.