Black Lives Matter II

Awhile ago, a group of blacks came up with the perfect nomenclature. They saw intensive killing of black people and wanted to stop it. They called their effort « Black Lives Matter. » It was beautiful, written by an articulate race, the Black, or African-American race. It was designed to keep the number of terrorist acts down to a minimum. The quote stuck, sometimes, and for some people, too hard. It joined a splendid pack of quotes. Those included:

Black Lives Matter

We Shall Overcome

Free at last, free at last, thank God Almighty, I’m free at last.

There are many others, too. Just read Martin Luther King’s writings.

A group of black Americans came up with a new way of stating the obvious. In fact, black lives do matter. The Massachusetts governor cited a black initiated day, which was not the same day as the actual event, to make a holiday of Juneteen. So now we have a new holiday in Massachusetts. That in and of itself, is quite an accomplishment. Massachusetts is moving in the right direction.

My brother-in-law was Senator Paul Tsongas. I remember he and I walked South Boston’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade. As we stood on one hill, directly below us was an African American apartment complex. I looked through the crowd looking for a black man and I could not find one. People were throwing empty beer bottles at Paul because, in their opinion, Paul had voted wrongly on a busing bill. Never a hypocrite, Paul voted for busing. African Americans were afraid to come to the parade. Every person that I saw that day was white. My opinion was that blacks were too cautious to make the climb up the hill. When Paul asked me later in the day what I thought, I said, « You’re doing this for a living? » Yes, he was. And Mr. Kennedy will have the same problems. Living up to principles is a dangerous thing.

So, I forgot a few things in my blog post yesterday. I did not really talk about the people who were radicalized and bigoted. I did not state that « Black Lives Matter » was aimed at the average black man and woman. It was not aimed at the whites. The four men making their statement in the television studio were scared of having the organization taken over by Socialists and Communists. I do not think that will happen, and if it does, what’s the harm. We are already the largest Socialistic society in the world. Socialism is used to explain away the deficit in the United States. Children being fed during the summer are in the throes of socialism. Churches practice socialism. Social Security is partially the practice of Socialism. Socialism is not necessarily a bad thing.

Communism is another matter. It is the militaristic phase of Socialism. We do not need the military in our exercise of Socialism. If Black Lives Matter is a Communist organization, send those Communists packing. In my opinion, our discussion must be about George Floury. He was killed for no other reason than that he was a black citizen of this country. No wonder some people are having such a difficult time accepting Police explanations of encounters. Putting cameras on each policeman is a great idea.

« Black Lives Matter » is literally about black men being indiscriminatley killed by police officers. Does it happen in Lowell? Not that I know of, but BLM keeps the target moving to include more victims. It is not like it happens near your house. But it might happen a few towns over, and when it does, I hope that the District Attorney is willing to sacrifice her job if need be.

During the Great Society, Lyndon Johnson introduced many small changes and one or two great ones. People, and I remember this, said, and then sang, « We shall overcome. » People were mad. What were we overcoming? Who were we overcoming? The song did not say. Just « we will overcome, » something. It was as much of a hot button as « Black Lives Matter. » Saying that we needed to overcome something was saying that the country was not perfect. People did not like that. After all, we were spreading our gains as far away as Vietnam.

BLM is simply saying that Black Lives Matter. It is a mantra, a simple statement. Policemen can take exception to it, but they should be committed to letting life continue on. Wearing a gun, even to a parent/student/teacher conference, does not mean that you are infallible. You have to earn the right to carry a gun. That means that everyone has the right to live. Finally, BLM does not mean that white lives do not matter. Both live within themselves.

One thought on “Black Lives Matter II

  1. C R Krieger

    I like police with cameras, but we should see the whole story.

    And, we should all agree that police should use caution when arresting someone, that they don’t use excessive force. Training is critical. That means more money, not less. On the other hand, resisting arrest is not a reason for police to cease and desist. On the third hand, police must deal with those mentally ill and those high on drugs.

    Black Lives do matter, and there Is a tradeoff. If we pull out police, in some neighborhoods more Blacks will be murdered. It does not make it any better that they are being killed by violent Black men.

    Regards — Cliff

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