Black Lives Matter

I spent one and one-half hours last night trying to convince my best friend of over fifty years, that I did not live in a town that could be considered to be bigoted and racist. This morning I realized that I might just live there. I concluded that being White (or as I call it, European/American) in America is a blessing. Its blessing just comes to you.

Being black in America means that you have to prove that you are worthy every day. Being black in America means that you have to fight your own battles, but that sometimes you have to fight your own kind. In my conversation last night, my friend, who is black and has been very close to me for over fifty years, as I said. Chicago is a problem. I told him that people in larger citieshave to fight one another to live a good life. I moved to Lowell and my friend moved to Kentucky. Oftentimes, blcks have to prove their right to live peaceably. Whites do not often fight one another. Whites live largely peaceably. There are many social reasons for this phenomonon. Blacks must find ways to live peaceably together. And, they do.

Awhile ago, a group of blacks came up with a new way of stating the obvious. « Black lives matter » maintained a serious approach to blacks intending to live peaceably amongst each other. Some whites have had a fit. I, as stated, looking at the sentence, « Black Lives Matter, » which became the mantra for people of color. It was not meant to exclude Whites. It is meant to say « ENOUGH. » No one is saying that the majority of persons should not be protected equally. It is meant to state the obvious. That is that police have no right to kill a person based on the person’s race. That seems obvious. My friends who are white have had a fit. As stated, I spent one and one half hours talking to one of my best friends, who dates back fifty years, and is Black. He and I met in South Chicago, during my teenage years and, over those years we became best friends. So I wanted his input. He was the only usher at my wedding. He will be the best friend at my funeral. He sees « Black LivesMatter » as a mantra, not a racist statement.

I see it as the same thing that he does. It is a very carefully written statement. It appears to many in our lives and it is deeply understood. It does not say, and he and I agree on this, that other lives do not matter. They do. It is simply stating that people live according to their beliefs. It is saying, not that Lowell or most police districts are violent, but that police, and it is geared towards our police, do not have the right to kill black men and women. That is a tenet of the organization and there is a group watching police groups and make sure that they do not kill innocent black people. It has nothing to do with the blue versus the black. Obviously, police would almost never kill a black man. The members of the organization are, in some cases, a group of Socialists and even Communistic in nature. Those people need to be pushed out of the organization. They are an anamoly. Their beliefs are not real in their beliefs for this group.

I recently had a group of whites argue that « Black Lives Matter » was aimed at the average black man. It is not. It is aimed at those four white men in my group today aimed at the average black man. It is not about Socialist and Communists taking over an organization. It is about George Floury. He was killed for no other reason than he was a black man. It was a crime. And, the police officers involved are going to court.

It is good that being a black man in this country is usually not a death sentence. Sometime, however, it is. One of the men in today’s discussion brings up abortion. He believes, and he is right, that abortion kills more people than police in the worst of their times. I am Catholic, and I believe if there is a an abortion it is the killing of a person. In my opinion, the man has a point, and that point is that abortion is a death. I strongly believe that. Abortion, as a movement, should be regulated closely. It needs a mantra, a statement that has something to do with its relevance.

« Black Lives Matter » is the truth. All lives matter, but blacks are in the spotlight. We need to be working together to make sure that killing is not directed at a small group. No Socialistic or Communistic level of cooperation should be part of our society. Let us work to get our world at a level of commitment that exercises control. Policemen, if they are not, should be committed to letting life continue on. I once told my wife that a difficult parent would come in with a gun. He did, he came in total uniform, he was a policeman. He came in with a gun. I thought he was ridiculous.

Everyone has a right to live. There should not be that someone does not have a right to live. I think that will mean that everyone has the right to live. There cannot be a level of acceptance that permeates their right to carry a gun. I greatly enjoy an English police show that does not allow the local police to wear a gun. They even had to borrow one for one show.

Anyway, there need to be changes in the Black Lives Matter discussion. « Black Lives Matter, » does not mean that white lives do not matter. Both practice the best of what is relevant. We have to work together. We have to have fifty year relationships. Abortion has to be looked at. We need a mantra that is as effective as BLM in the case of abortion. But, we cannot blame blacks for coming up with a good mantra. I applaud them.