Talent Scout or Something Else?


After all of the commotion on the topic, I have to say that I was thinking about Donald Trump’s problems with Stormy Daniels as I was shaving a couple of days ago.  I believe my most reasonable thoughts come to me when I am shaving, much as Jack London, the writer of classic literature, did when he was shaving.  He posted twenty new words daily, taped them on his shaving mirror, and learned them to increase his writing abilities.

When it comes to Donald Trump, it occurs to me that the real question is not, “Did he pay for a Porn Star?” but rather “What was he doing with a Porn Star anyway?”    I could think of no married man who could go to their wives and say, “I  went out with a Porn Star,” and survive the indiscretion.

The question in the Stormy Daniel’s case was not “What did you pay her,” but “Why would you jeopardize your marriage by going out with one anyway?”  Having your picture taken with one raises the question, “How good is this man’s inner character and judgement?” Another obvious question is “What is his moral compass?”  Most men I know would not approach a Stormy Daniels, let alone having his picture taken with one.  You realize that you could end your marriage.  I consider myself as very stable but that behavior would surely end my marriage.

So what kind of man smoozes with a known porn star?  An incredibly unstable one who wants to have sex and get out quickly.  And, what kind of man has his picture taken with a known porn star?  In my opinion, one who has little or no appreciation for his wife.  Forget the “did they have sex?” part?  There are parellels to Clinton.  But not exactly.  Like Clinton, you can forget the answer to that question.  Clinton even had DNA testing that proved it was him.  The answer to that question is History.  As stated, the question is “What kind of man wants to meet a porn star” and “What kind of man would allow his photo to be taken with her?”

So Donald Trump jeopardizes his marriage, takes a risk of getting a number of diseases,  including HIV/AIDS, spends his time with a woman who is in character as a person who practices the oldest profession, and generally handles everything incorrectly.  I saw a movie which stated that children are inclined to become liars early, even in the crib, where they call Mom or Dad to feed them by emitting a specific cry when they want to eat but are not necessarily hungry.  I do not know who came up with this theory, but it  was stated factually in a movie geared towards young children.  Lying is something we all do, but most of us do not admit doing.  In my opinion, Donald Trump must have learned that practice early and often.

At some point in this search for Donald Trump’s soul, it must be stated that the man is also just lucky.  After all, he did become President.  That does not increase his credibility however.  The question arises,

“Should this man be President?”

My wife and I would both say, “Not on your life.”   He has no sense of moral character.  Do not give me the tired and old stories about JFK, because few if any of those stories stood the test of time.  If Kennedy did do one half of what legend has him doing he would have had no time to be President.  Add to that his Addison’s Disease, his use of Doctor prescribed amphetamines, and his general poor health, and he just does not measure up to Donald Trump’s stature as a man guided throughout his life with his sexual drive,  “Locker room talk,” or not.

James Comey said in his interview that the President should be impeached on moral grounds.  Now, I do not care for James Comey because he cost the Democrats the win in the weeks before the election.  The Constitution states in Article 2, Section 4, that the President or Vice President “…shall be removed from office”…or “…Impeachment for and conviction of Treason, Bribery, or other High Crimes and Misdemeanors.”  Morality does not factor into our reasons for a successful impeachment based on those high moral grounds cited by James Comey.   You might think that he would know that.

Finally, this is our folly,  We allowed the high office of the Presidency to be occupied by a buffoon,  If he does get concessions from Korea, and it looks like he might,  it partially came about because he threatened a nuclear war.  If the tariff is in place but our debts do not diminish, then we are the buffoons.  I told people for over twenty years that we needed higher tariffs.  They, many of them, thought I was woefully short regarding my wits.  Now they are praising Trump for saying something I have said for over twenty years,  Maybe Trump read my early blogs;  I doubt it but it might have happened.

That is the extent of my thoughts on Donald Trump.  I hope, if he reluctantly sees the problems associated with having a relationship with a Porn Star, or getting your picture taken with one, that he changes his style now that he is solidly into his first four years.  Straightening out all of these character flaws is the least he can do for the Presidency.  And, let’s cut the “Tweets.”  They worked but now they just hamper him.  They were his “Fireside Chats,” as Roosevelt’s times with the media were called.  FDR used the radio, DJT uses the on-line computer.  The radio was a better medium.

Copyright by James A. Peters

One thought on “Talent Scout or Something Else?

  1. Cristopher

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  2. C R Krieger

    Yes, stepping out on your mate is tacky, but forty percent of husbands and wives do it. I am guessing most either kiss and make up or are lucky to not be caught and smart enough to not blurt it out. Mr Trump, being larger than life, pushes this to an extreme.

    I noticed you didn’t mention LBJ, who also had a robust sex life. In those days the Press felt it was unseemly to write about such things. But, there are a lot of hypocrites out there, like the Ne York State Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman. Fortunately, he is a Republican. Oops, I was wrong there.

    In the final analysis, Mr Trump should have avoided Ms Stormy Daniels, and people in her profession. On the other hand, is she doing this current thing for her fifteen minutes of fame or is someone exploiting her in hopes that Mr Comey is correct and Congress can Impeach for immorality. If the second, that is pretty sleazy of and in itself.

    Regards — Cliff

  3. Markus

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  4. Patrick

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  5. Zackary

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  6. Ivory

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  7. Ignacio

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  8. Logan

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  9. Walker

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  11. Rolland

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  12. Emery

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  13. Payton

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  14. Rickey

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  15. Connor

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