I Am Tired of the President at This Time

I have had it with Donald Trump.  Charlottesville was my final spot.  “The many…” outdistanced the few.  Pence got it right the next day when he said that the United States was too grand for neo-Nazis, and racists.  Trump said no such thing.  According to his book, Konrad, Heiden stated that Hitler realized he was speaking to “The Aryans and anti-Semites of France.” {Der Furhrer” by Konrad Heiden, published by Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston  in 1944.}  At some point this President has realized how important to his political future are those who espouse facism.  His reluctance to condemn an act that was horrific was hopefully based on the idea that the act was vile and murderous, but it says an awful lot about where this man is emanating from, and how far he will go to maintain his power base.

A year ago, I got the chance to watch Trump in action at a rally in Tyngsboro, Massachusetts.  Our camera was there capturing Trump as he worked a crowd estimated at four thousand for one and  one-half hours.  Much of what he said was repetitive, to the point that my editor threw out an hour of his recording.  When I irately asked why he left so much on the edit room floor, he told me that he was just leaving that recording that was a repetitive statement by Trump.  In other words, my editor took it upon himself to leave an hour’s worth of Trumpisms on the floor.  What was Trump calling for at that time?  A wall in America paid for by the Mexicans.  He did not ask the Mexicans if they would pay for it.  He just assumed that they would.  He wanted to beef up our defensive strategy and that played well in a town that had had losses to defense contracts.  He said anything he could to get the largely blue-collar audience to cheer for him.  By sixty minutes, I was also pretty tired of the repetition.

I think the thing that people do not understand is how frightening the Russian hacking, if it in fact took place, was to the voting patterns in the United States.  No one would argue that Hilary Clinton was hurt by her own mistakes.  But, if there was collusion with the Russians and Trump knew about it, and we have no proof currently that he did know about it, he should be impeached.

Mr. Trump has a nasty habit of speaking down to his audiences.  The press, when he disagrees with it, which is a daily occurence, is guilty of spreading “fake news.”  But he speaks at a fourth or fifth grade level.  We are trying to “Make America Great Again,” but great for who?  I think the United States of America is pretty great presently.  We have a nation that states that natural-born Americans are equal to anyone else in the country in multiple ways.  Ways that are sometimes off of the spectrum.  I did not believe the Republican Party was able to do it but they have succeeded in separating White from other ethnic groups.  Two-thirds of America’s white men voted for Donald Trump.  Over one half of the white American women voted for Donald Trump.  How that could happen with that tape on the bus is well beyond me.

I have a sticker with a picture of former First Lady, Hilary Clinton which has two words on it which show how misguided she was in her effort.  That saying is “Madame President.”  Just a little premature, wouldn’t you say?  Hilary Clinton lost this one because of plenty of mistakes.  Included in those mistakes was the assumption that she would win, and kissing off the battle-ground states of Michigan and Ohio.  Another mistake  was not allowing her strong Democratic foe, Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, to speak to his supporters at the convention.  He could have delivered a marvelous speech ending with his promise to support Hilary Clinton.  His people would have brought their incredible skills and practices to the election.  How do I know that?  Well, I am Senator Paul Tsongas’ brother-in-law and in 1992, I was asked to speak at various functions, and at the end, when we had clearly lost, Bill Clinton called Paul Tsongas to tell him that he would not have him  speak to his supporters at the convention.  Paul played hard-ball and told Clinton that he would be activating his delegates to vote for Tsongas  on the first vote.  They would force Clinton to win on the second vote, a major embarassment.

That would have placed Clinton in the unenviable spot of being the presidential candidate who could not control his delegates.  He quickly changed his mind and allowed Paul to speak to his many delegates.  Niki stood at his side as he spoke.  I watched on television.  Paul was a better man than Clinton, I believe.

So, Hilary Clinton made the mistake her husband did not make.  She shut out Bernie Sanders.  That was her major mistake.  Her other major mistake was not taking on James Comey, the FBI Director who shot her campaign through the chest and nobody was there to demand the man’s resignation.  Obama should have done that, but the assumption was that Trump could not win and the shot was not mortal.  It was mortal.

Those are just my opinions on the mistakes of Hilary Clinton.  I have a card in my wallet that I keep just to maintain my composure.  It says, “2016 Presidential Leader” with a picture of a smiling Hilary Clinton.  That is obviously not how it worked itself out.    Too much was assumed.

“Fake News” is now in our lexicon.  We say it.  It was started by Mr. Trump to excuse poor press releases.  He even coaxed, apparently, the American people to overlook bad press.  He wanted, it is said, loyalty.  As a Democrat, I refuse to be loyal to a man who denies the maxim of fairness.  He was said to have stated that the Boy Scouts of America praised him in some way.  The Boy Scouts denied it.  He was said to have stated that the Mexican President gave him credit for some act.  The Mexican President said that the conversation never took place.  In this case I believe the Mexican.  In most cases, I would believe the American, but the Boy Scouts are supposed to be sworn to telling the truth.

I believe that Mr. Trump is  sorry that he won.  Why does he keep on sending out “tweets” when his top five advisors have left him?  Why use “tweets” anyway?  Is it the Trump equivalent of FDR’s “Fireplace Chats,” given every Saturday morning on the radio?  I believe it might be in that genre.

I do not believe that this man thinks that beating up his own party supporters is a good idea.  But he seems to do it, especially to John McCain.  The two are not friends.  But, if I was not a Democrat I would be voting for Mr. McCain when he ran for President.  A man with his track record and time spent in the Hanoi Hilton, deserves respect and quiet admiration for his contributions.  The fact that Trump is attacking him as he is ill is not even American.  My mother and father taught me to respect those who are ill.

My father used to take me to the Veteran’s Hospital in the city next to ours.  There I saw Veterans in wheelchairs and guerneys brought to morning Mass.  The image of those WWII and Korean veterans still is etched in my mind.

Well, I have pretty much said what was on my mind.  I am scared for this country.  We are at a crossroads, and we have to live by the Constitution and its Amendments.  It is very difficult to get an Amendment through, so we should not be afraid of Amendments.  Obamacare is no longer and I am taking lethal medication for five ailments.  My drug prices are on the rise, thanks to Donald Trump who obviously had no idea how to fix Obamacare.  But blame it on the Democrats and the media.  The visceral, or deeply embedded, sensations will overtake you.  I do not watch CNN, or WNBC.  I come to my conclusions on their own.  I am very bothered by this President, and I remember having high hopes for him.  His conservation stance is enough to rattle me.  His other stances will apparently not pass the Congress.  We have a lame duck President who could serve eight years.  It is scary.