September, 2016, Meanderings

There is so much going on in my world, that I am having difficulty accepting it all.  First, my health, which has been bad, is getting better.  Second, my family is doing well.  Third, my television shows are going well.  Fourth, I have 90,000 responses to my blog and all of them are pretty good.  Fifth, I am working on finishing a book I have been working on for a couple of years.  Sixth, I have come to peace with some of my inner demons.   And, seventh, my extended family is healthy.         Starting with the first thing, I have had a deadly disease, one of a few, and it is going away.  Exercise and a mission are my guesses as to why it is going away.  I walk about five miles a day, and that helps.  The second is that my immediate family, my wife and my children, are doing well.  They all have interesting jobs, and caring friends.  They could be doing far worse, but they don’t allow that to happen.  Third, I have three cable television shows, one of which is shared, and we have an attentive Lowell population.  So, I start one day a week at six o:clock in the morning, and I enjoy the give and take of the show’s guests.  A candidate I was supporting won his primary partially as a result of going on this show, and I was pleased about that, even though I did not have anything to do with his winning.  Another show is about a person of character, not a character, but a person with fortitude and a good demeanor, who is sharing his/her characteristics to make a better world.  The third show is about my principles, which are reflected in my opinions.  That features a new person once a week with whom I have a certain belief system that is reflected in the show.  Right now, I am five weeks behind in episodes recorded for my show.

My blog is next.  I have over 90,000 people who have taken the time to write responses to my blog and most of them are about being a distinguished blogger.  I do not feel distinguished or special.  I blog because I enjoy it.  But, I recently had to pay more to Google because so many people were responding to my blog.  Fifth, I have been writing a book on a local piece of history and it is in publication.  I just rewrote half of it.  I thought I had to, given the assignment, which is about a local boat club’s history.  That comes out in a couple of weeks.  I do not know how many copies I will sell, but I take comfort in the fact that Henry David Thoreau’s first book left him with over two hundred copies pushed under the bed, in the cabinets, and other places in his little cottage next to Walden.  I recently read “Walden” and it was a good read.  Not as formidable as Abraham Lincoln’s biography by Carl Sandburg but interesting, nonetheless.  Abraham Lincoln’s book has left me in the 19th. Century.

Just a few days ago, I came to peace with my inner demons.  I have come to the conclusion that there are many pieces of my soul that fight whatever I deem as my God.  I believe that there is not much I have not pursued, I go to church daily, basically, and I still have problems with nagging doubts and problems with my psyche.  I have come to the realization that I am not accepting my life.  So I came to the conclusion a couple of nights ago that I am fighting myself, and that I am not allowing peace to reign in my soul.  Therefore, I will start allowing myself to take advantage of the peace that is around me.  Thoreau taught me part of that.  He spent two years as a hermit, and, like St. Francis of Assissi, he learned to watch the smallest of creatures and come to grips with them.  He was truly inspirational.  Everyone should read St. Francis’ biography, in which he describes watching a holy man ascending into heaven, and Thoreau watches and describes the deadly fight of two different types of ants and ponders on their motives.  Each is recommended for your reading enjoyment.

Finally, my satellite family.  I have an older sister who is writing children’s books featuring children who believe in God, and about their belief system.  They are very interesting stories.  My big brother, who has run 27 successive Boston Marathons, is also inspirational.  I have no interest in doing that.  But he does, and he does it, every year.  One of my little sisters owns a bed and bath in Machias, Maine.  I see her infrequently because of her commitment to her business.  She took over a decrepit mansion and refurbished it in the style of its day.  My other little sisters has worked at the same company since she was about twenty-five, and she is the most enjoyable person.  Then I have another little sister (do you see a pattern here?) who helps children who cannot be educated easily get an education.  My final little sister runs her own work-out place with Zomba as a major component.  Finally, I have two younger brothers.  One is an ammonia refrigeration expert living states away, working for one of the largest companies in food distribution.  The other is a technical guru who helps build robots at work and entertains in a band at night.

I marvel at these brothers and sisters because they are so accomplished.  I mean, twenty seven Boston Marathons, making him a man in the 25 Club in the best marathon in America.  My accomplishments are small in comparison.  But, they are my accomplishments and they make me well.

This country needs to see that there are large families like mine.  My mother is well and has nine children.  We need families like this to carry the nation forward.  Most of my family are very interested in this Presidential election.  Most of us are cancelling each other’s votes out, but the woman running probably has the edge.  Just my guess.  But a good one.

Thus, that is where I am emanating from.  Reading is essential.  I intend to write about reading and cursive writing in further blogs.  Without cursive and homework, both of which are under attack, how do we write our signature or learn while at home overnight?  Massachusetts has the most well educated children in the nation.  Whatever we are doing we must be doing right.  But, like always through our history, Massachusetts is her own worst enemy.  We have always led the nation, we just do not always know which direction we are headed.  The Pawtucket Indians (Native Americans) believed that death left them heading to the southwest.  One of my sisters headed that way recently.  Maybe she knows something I do not.