Campaigning with Rady Mom (re-post)

A friend of mine recently said, jokingly I think, that Rady Mom should just change his slogan to “Vote for Mom.” I have had the chance to see Rady working the campaign trail up close and personal, as they say, and I have to tell you, there is nothing this man takes for granted. He works every house, and talks to every person he can. I was amazed at how much of the literature we passed out in just two or three hours. It was in the hundreds.

He started out the day at the Greater Lowell Area Democrats (GLAD) meeting, where he was introduced by Secretary of State Bill Galvin. That floored him. He shook hands with as many of the five hundred people who were there as he could, then went out to talk to eight hundred fifty people in two temples or churches, I cannot accurately say if they were one or the other.

I had put in a request for some assistance in Ward Three, because he had done Ward Four and he said he would go with me. So, not realizing what I was in for, I went door-to-door, where he picked up sign locations, and good wishes from people who owned the house or people who just waved at him from their cars. I had expected a demure, health-worker. I got a polished politician.

In a couple of days, he is scheduled to get on “City Life,” John McDonough’s show. I know that he will be ready for it. The entire event, and the party I attended of his on Wednesday of last week, convinced me that there are direct co-relations to Paul Tsongas’ parties of the 1960’s and 1970’s. The food was delicious, and ethnic. The speeches were all tinted with humor. There are many regular run-of-the-mill people supporting him. I feel that he has bridged the gap between being an ethnic politician and being a total person who can appeal to a great many people.

There are many of us who fail to see the connection between a Paul Tsongas and a Rady Mom. It is there. There are the well-attended and, in earlier times, more sparsely attended, parties. There is the Tsongas refrain of “I was just lucky,” and the Rady Mom declarations that ring out as just the same, but at a different time. There is the joking about parental concerns when your father, as he was in Paul’s case, is a Republican and your son is a Democrat. Granted, that is not a problem Rady has, but his sense of humor reminds me of that. There is the division between people who support you for who you are and those who support you because you are ethnic. I remember Paul joking at a fundraiser about being the only Greek on Fairmount Street in Belvidere. At least, I believe I remember that joke. It was funny and maybe true at the same time.

Do not get me wrong, I am not comparing a State Representative seat to a Congressional seat. I am just comparing the two men. I am impressed that Rady Mom is surprised that Bill Galvin would think of him and mention him to a large crowd of people. It shows a humility that I think is alluring. I just hope that, if Rady Mom gets elected, he will be able to appeal across the lines of ethnicity and concentrate on those things that he keeps talking about, like the Rourke Bridge and the need for a new one. I hope that he can be a Kevin Murphy. I believe that he can.

In the beginning of this race, I could not decide who I was going to vote for, they are both nice guys and superior in their intellect. I am pleased that two such nice people are there to represent the best of the Highlands and the Acre. But, after careful thought, and a great deal of writing on my Pluses and Minuses paper, I have determined that I will go for the Democrat.