A Blog on Blogging and Bloggers

I now have 84,957 responses to my blog, and all I can think of saying is “Thank You,” to all who read it. There is no way that I can individually respond to 84,000 responders so I am writing this to acknowledge your friendship and kindnesses and hope that that does the trick. So thank you to all who take the time to write a response as well as those who simply read it. It is a source of great pride to me to know that sometimes I affect some people’s lives.

My summer is going well. I have been to New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Maine points and beaches. I want to camp on the Kancamangus Highway in New Hampshire but have to wait a bit on that one. I have been fishing, fixed my boat, and written a great deal. I have a cat I call “TJ” who is an indoor cat who wants to go outdoors all of the time. T stands for Thomas and J is for Jefferson. I have a cat called “Thomas Jefferson,” one of my least favorite Presidents. He did do one thing that I must thank him for, he invented ice cream as we know it now. That was worth something.

Google recommended that I start having advertisers, but I do not want to do that yet. Probably never. They charge you for advertising, and it just does not seem to be in the atmosphere I want to project. Not that it never could happen, just that it is not going to happen until I get at least a one hundred thousand subscribers. And probably not then, too.

So, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, and TJ aside, I want again to thank you for your responses. I greatly enjoy them and I like the many compliments. May life be good to you.