Thank you for commenting.

I have to apologize to the 12,000 of you who have written me in the past four weeks. I have tried to get back to everyone on their nice comments on my blog, but I cannot possibly get back to 12,000 of you. Please excuse my slow typing fingers, I type 86 words per minute but I cannot keep up with the demand. I deeply appreciate your fervor and your dedication to my writing. I have, in those 12,000 missives written quite a few to people who tell me I am a great writer. I don’t know about that. I just try to write good stories. Thank you for writing to me, and please be aware that I will try to answer your letters or comments. Thusfar I have had one person tell me that my blog let him down. He was the only one who complained out of the entire group. Other than that, it has been wonderful. Thanks again. I have three TV shows and I asked the colleagues on the show how to handle this problem. They recommended what my wife who designed the format for the webpage, recommended. That I write to all of you on the blog. I hope that is good enough.