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It has been a very good summer. On my television show, I have been blessed with a bevy of guests who are all interested in what is happening to Lowell. The City Councilors, the candidates for State Representative, the business persons, have all been very interested in Lowell and bringing out the best of the city. I must admit that I have a problem with the City Manager because some of his appointments seem driven by political whim, and not what is best for the city, but he has done an excellent job of ridding the city of people who cannot manage their departments. It is good to see allegedly difficult managers beng dismissed by the city and the Manager has the support of nearly all of the City Council.

Back to it being a very good summer, I have gotten some camping, some fishing, and some house painting done. It has been very fulfilling. I like the time camping because I enjoy staying at the Shawme/Crowell State Forest on Cape Cod which allows me the time to fish, my first passion. Good advice from friends and my brother, Charlie, have kept the boat floating. I could not have afforded to get the boat fixed and I appreciate their help. I had my good friend, Patrick Murphy, firm up the house by bringing his masonry talents to it. I forgot to get a permit which means I have to pay double on the fee. Nothing is free.

I have not been swimming, but I spent three days with my son, Jeremy, at his place in Maine. It was fun. I got to play with my grandaughter, who swims like a fish. Jeremy is lost without water to swim in. My son, Adam, and I went tenting. He was extremely pleased that I packed an extra cot because he did not want to sleep on the gravel on the campsite. My son, Rory, mowed my lawns this summer. That was a huge help. And my daughter, Chloe, intends to apply to law schools when she finishes two courses she needs to graduate.

I once ran for City Council, only to be compelled to quit due to a stroke and blood disorders on the brain. I put together what Kendall Wallace’s Lowell « Sun » called a « whacky » idea, that being to make the downtown streets two way. I was pleased when the City Manager and the City Council made the streets two-way. It slows down the flow coming through the downtown, and makes us more like Newburyport. Now if we just get the businesses to invest in the downtown, we will be in good shape. I believe the two-way traffic pattern will result in people stopping and shopping. The people coming over the Cox Bridge can go down Father Morrisette Boulevard and exit the city that way. To me it’s a win/win situation. Especially for the businesses.

I took a trip to Nantucket and went to the Whaling Museum, which had a small whale skeleton in it. I have been really spoiled by the museums in Lowell, and the Whaling Museum compares unfavorably, in my opinion. I took the afternoon ship back to the Cape and had a wonderful time, but I did not swim, which probably affected my view of Nantucket. Now I have to get to the Berkshires and Martha’s Vineyard. That is for next year.

So, those are my travels. I learned to cast a fly rod last year but have not caught anything on the hand-made fly. So, I will keep trying. Fishing is kind of like golf. You play, and you do not beat your best score, but it is extremely fun.

Well, that is pretty much my summer’s activities. I have to say that my niece Ashley became a Mom again, and my grandniece is very cute, and very small. I also became a great-uncle on the Peters side, as my nephew Andrew, and his wife had a little girl. Have a good end of the summer, I intend to.


I am somewhat taken aback by the promotion and increase in pay of an employee at City Hall whose father holds down a position of City Councilor. That is, in my opinion, much to close a relationship for someone to have whose father has the final say over whether or not to fund his son’s raise. Basically, I have been very supportive of the City Manager, and I am pleased to have Patricia Sullivan Talty as the new head of the Lowell Housing Administration or LHA. But, I am not pleased by this other situation and I believe we are owed an explanation by the City Manager

The DeMoulas family feud is just grating on my nerves at this point. I do not believe the people in control are the most intellectual people in the world. There is a word for them that former Mayor, Patrick Murphy used to describe members of the City Council, but I believe it to be too harsh a word. So it most likely does not fit. Suffice it to say that they are digging their own financial graves with bad karma and a dearth of persons shopping at the supermarket.

David Ouellette, candidate for State Representative, explained to me how important the Market Basket in the Acre is for people who cannot drive and who live in the Acre. They are suffering, he said. I have had three of the four primary election candidates, I cannot hail Raty Mom, and there is a good deal of experience and empathy there. All three I have interviewed have left me with the impression that they are good people. Jim Leary, Brian Donovan, and David Ouellette would easily make being State Representative a priority in their lives.

Onto other less pressing matters, my boat is full of mayflies’ corpses. The bees have taken over, apparently eating the corpses. It looks like I experienced snow in my boat. There are that many dead mayflies. So I have to vacuum it out tomorrow. I have two people who kept my boat going this year and I really appreciate it. The problem is that they do not want to have their names plastered in a blog, so they will have to remain anonymous.

My sister Liz, whom many of you ask about, has her own Bed and Breakfast in Machias, Maine, so if you are going that way look her up at The Talbot House. Here is a rundown of the family.

Cynthia, the oldest, is living in Texas. I told her that the Native Americans used to think their souls went to the Southwest, so she was just making time. Tom is a member of the 25 Club at the BAA Marathon. He ran twenty five of them in a row, always posting a time of around three hours. Liz I mentioned. Essie is living on the Taunton River in Somerset. It is a beautiful site and a beautiful sight.
Mary teaches in Nashua and lives near her school. Charlie is doing well, he is looking for a permanent position for an Electrical Engineer. Andy plays the drums in a local band. I told him he was better than some people I have seen in Billy Joel’s band. And Margaret uses Facebook to augment her story, so look for her there.

I live in Lowell. I think Lowell is the proverbial « Center of the Universe. » I have five major diseases, including Parkinson’s, which makes my hands shake when I am recording my show, Peters’ Principles, which is on every Monday at 9:30 and every Wednesday at 7PM. Watch it if you get the chance. It is an opinion show, not just mine but my guests’ too. With that I will sign off.


I have been viewing campfires lately, and I notice many beautiful ember patterns, especially when the campfire starts to die down. I love camping, and campfires, and go to many places on my own. Sometimes one or two of my children, and admittedly, they are not children anymore, but sometimes they come and we discuss all sorts of things over those embers. Other times, my wife will hide her hatred of camping and make a trip. Mostly, however, it is me by myself. That is just fine. I never go on specific days, but generally meld into my schedule. On the last trip, I took the day trip to Nantucket and got to explore an island. i had never been on an island before. There was a twenty dollar tour bus, and that took about an hour and one half, but there was a limited amount of places to see. Some country musician’s houses, people that I had never heard of, and there was the whaling museum. I have grown so spoiled with our local museums that i never realized how developed they were in comparison to other locales. It inspired me to work harder to bring a print museum in honor of Lowell’s printing industry, and a combined education/religion museum to Lowell. I will probably never get there but I just learned that the City Council had just ordered downtown streets to be two-way, something I asked for because Ipswich had them over fifteen years ago.
Maybe there is room for additional museums, nothing fancy but filled with history.
The television show is getting better. Nerves are not as noticeable now, and we get many impressive business people from downtown and other parts of Lowell. Last week we had our candidate for State Representative, Brian Donovan, and representatives from K Pharmacy in Cupples Square. They were interesting. If you want to be on, give me a call. I can be reached at 978-453-5932. I am trying to get David Ouellette who is also running for State Representative, and Rathy Mom who is doing the same. Let them know, will you?
My brother, Charlie, was in town for awhile and came up with a great television idea, the « You Cannot Get There from Here, » show. He found that it was difficult to get from one point to another in town because of fast highways like the Thorndike/Dutton Street interchange. I have no idea how the new two way streets will affect that effort, but it sounds like an interesting show, particularly if you are hampered with a cane, like I am now. What kind of effort does it take to get from one point to another if you are just slow of step, or if you are handicapped?
I do not hear much from this City Council. I would like to have Mayor Rodney Elliot on the show talking about changes to the city, both at the city and school level. I would also like Dr. Jean Franco on in her role as Superintendent of Schools. Time will tell, as they say. But, I would really like to have City Manager Kevin Murphy on, talking about all of his ideas for the city. That would be interesting.
I am pleased to see an increased police presence in the city. I find officers in cars, on motorcyles, in boats, on bikes, and even on Segways. I had a chance to run into my good friend, Timothy Golden on a Segway. That was a trip, let me tell you.
Speaking of trips, how did John Delahunt, former public servant, pick up three of the farms that will be growing marijuana for cancer patients. Three areas out of five is quite a find. I have no interest in the stuff, and that is true. I am the only person I know of from my generation who can honestly say he never used the stuff. Believe me or don’t, I do not care. It is the truth. My drug of choice when I was young was beer. Now, I stay away from that too and have for the past fifteen years. Speaking of drugs of choice, what is going on with the Red Sox? They go from World Champions to in the proverbial toilet in one year. Jon Lester deserved better treatment. The other four probably did too.
That is it for today. Hopefully, the two way streets will be a success, the Mayor will come on the show, which airs on Monday at 9:30AM and Wednesday at 7PM, and the Red Sox will have a better year next year.