I had the twice-appreciated opportunity to see both the election of Kevin Murphy to City Manager and the Swearing-In of Mr. Murphy as City Manager. The first election was open to the public and there were quite a few people there. The second was sheer luck, I wanted to go but did not know if I could “crash.” when I found out that Father Raymond Benoit of St. Margaret Parish needed a ride, so we wheeled down in my truck. So I got to watch both events. I bought a DVD from the Lowell Telecommunications initiative which I plan on editing and showing on my show, “Peters’ Principles” which airs every two weeks on Wednesday. The next show is next Wednesday. The show premiered last week but there were many technical difficulties which were mine to make. Problems with lighting, running the camera, editing, etc. Basic things.

I am looking forward to the show, though. I am especially looking forward to seeing parts of the Swearing-In ceremony again. It was impressive, and the number of people there was just amazing. Every chair was filled and it was standing-room only. Kevin gave a great speech, noting the contributions of his mother and father, his wife and son, and others. He cited members of his family too, and also spoke of his visions of Lowell. It was a good speech.

I tried to stay away from coming out for Kevin because I am opinionated and I did not want any of my opinions to have a negative effect on anyone going for the manager’s job. Therefore, I tried to keep my opinions to myself. I do not mind saying now that I was hoping that Kevin Murphy would get the position because I have known him as my lawyer for years, and as my State Representative for what seems like decades. He is one of the fairest men I have ever met, and he is very balanced in his approach to events and challenges, I believe.

I was very happy he received an 8 to 1 and then a 9 to 0 vote. I, and I do not believe that I am alone in this, am tired of city administrations that hinge on a 5 to 4 vote on virtually every issue. This city needs vision, and Kevin Murphy has a vision for the city. I would like to thank the Mayor and the City Council for their vision and foresight. This city always gets better, no matter what happens. With a 245 million dollar high school renovation to worry about, we need calm leaders and we have them in Superintendent Jean Franco and City Manager Kevin Murphy.