It is one of those days. It is raining, it is cold, and to be perfectly honest, it is dismal. But, there are tons of things happening, and by the time you get this the City Council will have selected a new City Manager. I have stayed away from picking anyone, saying on television that I was just interested in having a Lowell pick or Manager. My Lowell pick was written up months ago. I wanted, and I still want, Kevin Murphy to be the City Manager. I am hoping that is what happens. We have about an hour before the vote. I am hoping they vote for Kevin Murphy because he is the best candidate and that came through in his interview. I will be watching television to see who is selected.

The Lowell “Sun” stated “Manager Post is Murphy’s to Lose.” Kevin is the ultimate tactician and a great politician and I do not see him, one hour before the vote, losing. Time will tell, as they say. I wish him the best.

Headlines abound. “Foes: Gas pipeline proponents in for fight,” is one. That is the battle which at this time is largely centered in the north about running a massive gas pipeline, natural gas, overland through Ashby, Townsend, Pepperell, Dunstable, and onto Dracut. The anti-pipeline people are hopeful. “The proposed gas line originates in Pennsylvania, and would go through Wright, NY into Berkshire County, and eventually through to…Dracut. [Lowell Sun, Page 7, Sunday, March 30, 2014] I do not see the people of these towns rolling over and giving easements to Kinder Morgan Energy Partners without a fight. Dracut is beautiful farming country, something we all seem to forget, and a pipeline through farming country does not seem like adequate use of space, to me. So it will be interesting to see peope fight this. I sold life insurance in Dracut 40+ years ago, and it is a beautiful town.

Onto my religious news. St. Margaret Parish will host speaker Jon Leonetti, and inspirational Catholic speaker who also speaks to persons of other religions, beginning on Sunday, March 6th. at 2PM. The youth of our community from Grade 7 to Grade 12 are invited to spend time with Mr.Leonetti at 2PM to 4PM to discuss “What do you dream of when you dream of happiness?” Jon will talk about what it means to take Jesus into your own life.

On the same day, at 7PM Jon will host adults in sharing humorous stories of the ways in which God desires to break into your life. That talk is entitled “CHOSEN.” The next evening, John will speak about being “REDEEMED.” This will help the faithful discover the “Catholic Vision.” He will incorporate references to Pope Francis and speak on how God guides us on this road today. On Tuesday, April 8th. he will define his usage of the word “DELIVERED.” This will involve having an active prayer life and encountering Jesus deep within the Sacraments. It is Jon’s hope that people will be inspired to proclaim the good news of the living God.

Father Raymond Benoit, the parish Administrator, extends an invitation to all parties to attend these sessions. The doors are open to all. The doors are located at St. Margaret Parish, 374 Stevens Street in Lowell. There is ample parking and it promises to be an excellent chance to hear a dynamic speaker. Everyone is welcome.

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