President Putin vs. President Obama

I believe that I am the only person in Lowell who is really angry with our President over his handling of the saber-rattling of the Russian Foreign Minister who yesterday (Tuesday) threatened to annihilate the United States using Russia’s nuclear arsenal. I think that threat is worthy of front page headlines in the Lowell “Sun,” but I have to admit that the only persons I heard from today on the threat, and that is what it was, were the guys I meet with at the Lowell Motor Boat Club. That, and the lack of a response by at least our Secretary of State show a weakness that must be very appealing to those people in Russia who agree with this type of intimidation.

The President of the United States has a duty to address direct threats to our nation. If threatening to make the United States a nuclear waste site is not a direct threat, I have to wonder what is? In the interest of fairness…oh, wait, in this case there is no fairness. A level two economy allowed one of its officers to threaten the United States of America and we chose to do nothing about it. In fact, I have not heard from one person in a position of authority who condemned that speech.

That is my beef. Where is Elizabeth Warren or Ed Markey in this outrage? Obviously, they are not “out there” with those of us who have a right to feel threatened by a second rate nation with nuclear weapons aimed directly at us. And, what about all of those missiles that we are supposed to have aimed at Russia? Word has it that we have emasculated our nuclear weapons systems in order to sell the rest of the world on the idea that we are only interested in peace. If that is the case then it is inexcusable. We can point a few at Iran and North Korea and still have plenty left over for Russia, unless we have dismantled them. In my opinion, that would be a mistake of historic proportions.

Strategic initiatives are a price we pay for being the most misunderstood nation in the world. We – like Israel – have to sit on our capabilities, knowing that an ounce of deterrent is worth a pound of cure. I am still a Democrat but nowhere does it say that I have to agree with the President’s approach in this case in order to continue on as a Democrat. Being a Republican is the most foreign thing I can imagine. I lived through the Cold War, I read “The Russians,” I look at them as people and pray that we never have to use force of this nature to protect ourselves. But, while we have the best, most thriving, economy in the world, we allow ourselves to be dictated to. Adolph Hitler laughed at the United States because he believed that a dictatorship was the only way we could fight him. Democracy has too many variables. Roosevelt wrote on this to Winston Churchill and they both agreed that a democracy could mobilize, it could fight, and it could win. It did.

Someone has to wake this administration up and let them know that we cannot not answer to a threat for our total annihilation. This lack of response borders on the absurd. Economic sanctions should be immediately in place. Anything less will be perceived by the Russians as cowardice.

One thought on “President Putin vs. President Obama

  1. John McDonough

    I 100% agree, where the heck is CNN, ABC, CBS, ECT!
    Thanks for highlighting the issue
    John McDonough

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