I am writing from the Lahey Clinic where I am a patient with a Pacemaker installation due on Monday. I tried to get out yesterday, but they (the doctors) said, “No!” So here I am, writing my blog from my hospital room. I guess I should be pleased that they have Pacemakers, because my older sister, Cynthia, praises them unconditionally. I am not sure I am quite such a convert to changes in my heart. But, it is a common procedure, and I am looking forward to feeling better.

On to English grammar. Is Pacemaker capitalized? If it is a brand name, it usually is. But, if it is just a name for an instrument, it probably is not. How do you spell cancelled? One L or two? At the airport, they post cancellations with a double L. Often I see it with one L, however. But my favorite is “fewer” and “less.” The first is used when something is basically counted, there are fewer people in that class than this one, for instance. There is less sugar in a four pound bag than a five pound bag. However, there are fewer pieces of sugar in a four pound bag than a five pound bag. I know of a commercial on television that uses less when they should have used fewer. I brought it up at a dinner I was attending. My son agreed with me and talked about it quite a bit.

I also like changes in names or titles. Color is the new colour. Middleboro is the new Middleborough. The signs on the highways are all named incorrectly. It is not Boxboro, it is Boxborough. There is no word in my dictionary for Boro. A Borough is a specific land mass developed into a town.

I believe that this City Council is not taking the time to study its decisions and motions. Some things need to be reviewed by a subcommittee but this Council seems to be passing ordinances without adequate study. This current City Manager was a good man and deserved a Performance Review before he was basically ousted. There are those who would say that he quit before he could be reviewed but that was not my read on the situation. Jim Milinazzo, Bill Samaras, and Bill Martin stated that they supported the Manager. Now, I voted for all of those people, largely because they were doing just that. I also voted for a couple of people who did not support the Manager. I am not necessarily saying that this man was perfect, I felt Brian Martin was much better. However, I do believe that a professional courtesy could have been extended. A performance review would have been that professional courtesy. Some Councilors did support that type of move. I just wish it had been done.

I leave today hoping that your news and your health is good. Hopefully, not too many of us are due for Pacemakers on Monday. Rest assured that I will be thinking of turning the experience into a blog. Many thanks to a former City Council candidate for giving me his URL. With my limited knowledge of computing, I do believe that expands my readership.