I have been watching this soap opera with blogger Gerry Nutter closely in the newspaper and I want to say that, if he made a false sexual innuendo, Rodney Elliott and Ed Kennedy were the only ones who were right on the vote to elevate him to the Election Commission. They both voted no, according to the Lowell Sun. Granted that he has apologized, but calling into question a women or man’s sexual orientation is grounds for voting against his appointment. I cannot believe that I am casting my vote against most of the councilors who I supported in the last election, but there you have it. He should not have been appointed.

I painted my house light green, which is so much better than the Pepto-Bismol pink that it was. I even received compliments from St.Margaret’s Parish priest. He is a great priest and very interested in the neighborhood. It is nice living next to a church, I was extremely lucky that it did not close along with parishes like Sacred Heart, because it could have. It is not the most lucrative parish in the city but it holds its own. Having the support of the local priest and the neighbors for the color of the house is a major thing for me.

Patrick Murphy’s son is as cute as can be. I saw him while holding a sign for Veasna Noun recently near the 99 Restaurant. He is getting big and his days as the First Baby are dwindling down every day.

Oh, if I do not have your email address and you want me to have it, send me it to I removed all of my emails, including those of my own children, when scammers posted a notice that I was in a Phillipines jail and you should send money. I just removed the whole lot of you and there are many I do not currently have so send them to me. I over-reacted, I guess, but I found the entire thing to be incredibly embarassing. One thing I do not do, unless I do landscaping or genealogy searches for someone is ask for money. I have never been to the Phillipines.

Anyway, nothing special is going on. I intend to look up some more Indian/Native American lore and pass it on. There are quite a few things I intend to pass on but I have not gotten to them yet. I know everyone looks at winning an election in Lowell as a major step in their political lives but it is not really a big thing. Oh, speaking of people who came up through the political system, I just received a glowing report from an LHS teacher on Brian Martin. They seem very pleased with him at LHS. I intend to write a blog on LHS and the attempts to build a new high school. See you then.