Well, it had to happen at some point, I disagree with a small, what I would call an indiscretion, with Dick Howe’s Blog. In my opinion, and I may be wrong, Dick endorses candidates by positively portraying their candidacies for office. I am not talking about endorsements for certain candidates, I intend to endorse specific candidates after the preliminary elections. I am talking about featuring candidates in such a favorable manner or way that they pick up steam as a result of being in Dick’s blog. The one being repeatedly featured favorably now, in my view, is former LHS Headmaster Bill Samaras.

That being said, there are some interesting candidates in this year’s line-up who I believe should be covered. Darius Mitchell is one. Rita Mercier and Stacie Hargis are the only women running out of a slate of 21 individuals. Because they put their names and reputations out there I believe that they deserve a little extra consideration. I voted for, and campaigned for Niki Tsongas who openly asked for the women’s vote and I believe that she has done an exemplary job in the Congress. During the past election, she openly carried all but one precinct in the expanded Third Congressional District. All but one. That is some accomplishment. But, Niki is not resting on her laurels, she has openly been asking for votes and fundraising money for the next election because, inexplicably, she has a new Republican opponent.

On to other things. My buddy R— and I took my boat up to the Tyngsboro Bridge on Sunday. It was a pleasant ride and I took alot of pictures. Landscaping is going well as a finish up a major job in Newton and start one in Lowell. I love this time of year because I get to plant lawns. Through October (early), grass will usually bloom. I learned of an organic method for picking out crabgrass, you hire a group of people and pick all of it out of a yard, then seed the picked areas. It is kind of expensive, but it works. There is also the problem associated with over-fertilization. Nasturtiums will not bloom if they are over-fertilized. They will grow, aggressively, but they will not blossom. Daylilies do well with nutrients as do most bulb plants which need phosphorus. My tomatoes are doing very well as I used what my friends call “monogonite” on them. It is actually sold in Lowe’s as “Milorganite” and does extremely well as a fertilizer. Yes, it is organic which means that at some point it was, well, poop. My wife’s dog when she was a child went to the bathroom in the neighbor’s lawn, causing massive grass growth in those areas in the spring and summer. My maternal grandfather was very poor in Iowa and did not have a bathroom until 1969. So he used to move his outside outhouse every year and you could always tell where it had rested the year before. The town had no problem with it, and he grew some beautiful flowers in those areas. Honestly.

Thus, I guess I could say I come from a different culture. When my kids were growing up, I used to tell them that they were of two ancestries. They were obviously Greek, and they were Iowan. I loved Iowa and I love Lowell, Massachusetts. There is no difference in my fondness for both places.

Well, that is almost the end of my meanderings. Let me just close with a comment. Certain candidates, in my opinion and experience, do not understand the meanderings of a manic-depressive mind because they have never had to personally deal with it. Calling it bipolar is the same thing, but in a neater package. I would not give it up because it makes me stronger. But there are candidates who could never understand that and, as a result, they will never get my vote. My grandmother was bipolar and I learned from her that she could do anything she set her mind to. I am very proud to have been the only grandchild she had that had the disease. It made me different, it made me special, it gave me my personality. And it gives you my meanderings. I hope you enjoy them.

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