Elections and Endorsements

Certain people have asked me what my policy on endorsements and elections will be, and I have had to give it some thought.
I have not come up with any concrete resolutions yet, but I think that I will stay away from endorsing candidates until after the primaries.  I have definite likes and dislikes, much as does everyone, but I believe that staying away from these for now is the best use of my time and space.
     I will make predictions.   I love making predictions.  I was not entirely sure that some people were even in the race, but now that the nomination sheets are in, I will find it easier to predict the winners and losers.  People that I picked a few weeks ago are still on my list of winners, but some are having trouble getting out of the box.  With so many people running, and so few successfully accentuating their differences, it is going to be a hard race to win.
     I know that some bloggers like to use their blog to push certain candidates but I do not believe that is my place.  Do not get me wrong, I will push certain candidates but I hope it will be because they are interesting, not because I like or dislike them.  I disagreed with Rodney Elliott on the issue of safely getting your children to and from the Pollard Memorial Library, but I fully intend to print Mr. Elliott’s side of the issue if he wants to write it.  If any candidate wants a profile in this blog, and I realize that this is a much smaller blog than Dick’s, I will be happy to give it to them.
     So, this blog is mostly about history and Lowell.  It can be Lowell history, or Chelmsford history, or the history of the Middlesex Canal, just as long as it is history.  It can be about legends.  Not all history has come down to us straight-forward.  Some of it includes legends.  Before the movie commences in “Braveheart,” they claim that they are telling the truth about what really happened to the great Scotsman, William Wallace.  According to the first biographer of William Wallace, he did not storm the plains looking for a good fight.  In fact, at Sterling Castle, he hid his men in the grass from night-time to approximately lunch-time in order to allow the English to leave by the front gate and start their daily routine.  Then he and his men attacked and won Sterling Castle.  And, by the movie’s interpretation,  he beds and fathers the next King of England.  If that was true, the Plantagenet line would have ended with Edward the Second because Edward  III was the son of William Wallace and the daughter of the King of France, Edward II’s wife.  That probably did not happen either.  But it makes for a good story.
     So, candidates, whether I know you or do not know you, agree with you or do not agree with you, feel free to call me at 978-453-5932 to get your story in this blog.  I will feature you.  If I get too much information, I will just write more and it will be longer.  In addition, please do not make the mistake of thinking that being in this blog means you have the endorsement of any politician.  I write about the Tsongas family because they are my family, and I have no  idea if they agree with me on any (or some) issues or they do not.  Paul once, when he was County Commissioner, was compelled to remove all of the bumper stickers from his car because his car was plastered with stickers.  He was not dismissing anyone, he just did not have room for everyone on his car.  I have no idea who Niki is backing, and I do not want to know.  That is her business.  I will, as I said, predict, and at the end of the race I may endorse, but I believe that my endorsement is not worth much.  So, let’s start the two races and see how far we get.