Things that fly.

     I was watching ABC News today, which is what I usually watch, and they featured a golf course in Ohio where you may rent a flying golf cart for one nine hole round for 175.00 dollars.  It turns out it is a hovercraft designed by a professional golfer who wanted to ramp-up his image and the image of his primary backers.  It flies over the land and the water and is guaranteed not to improve your game.  Jim Moriarty may not need one, because his game is pretty good and he does an excellent radio interview about his game at the City’s, but with my handicap, I would have to have a guarantee that it would improve my game.
     I have been golfing since I was five.  It was my father’s second favorite sport, after football, of course.  He had miniature golf clubs made and got the golf course to charge us a quarter for eighteen holes of golf.  Pretty fair trade, as far as I was concerned at that age.  A quarter could buy you five candy bars, so you really had to want to golf.  My brother Tom and I did.  Why, we once spent an entire dime calling home after taking each other on in a game.  The dime was spent at a telephone.  Quite a hefty sum for us.  But the round of golf was worth it.
     We carried our golf bags, we did not hovercraft them.  However, it goes to show how different today is from yesterday.  Golf carts were relatively new and scorned by many as being an easy way of playing the game.  You hit, and rode, and hit, and rode.  Now, even to me, the newness of the idea of a hovercraft golf cart seems worth the initial price.  And it balances your soda or beer.  What could be better?
     To me, golfing is not on the same par, good pun there don’t you think, as a good fishing trip.  I like the fact that the hovercraft hovers over water, which just might tempt me to drop a fishing line.  Other than that, I do not see myself traveling to Ohio to ride on one, but you never know.  It would certainly be a different way to go boating.  I like standard boats myself, and I have one.  So, I believe that I will fish from that.  I like game fish, and basically I am a “throw it back” fisherman unless I was lucky enough to catch a huge gamefish, which I just might be inclined to barbecue.
     Fly fishing seems to be the ultimate in giving the fish a fighting chance.  Bait fishing, which I enjoy, probably hooks more fish, but it kills those who swallow the hook.  So I am giving bait fishing a hiatus for now.  I am tempted to talk about my experiences fishing and boating, but believe me, boating is a subject that I have to relate later.  Too many stories, not enough time.  Do keep in mind, though, that Butch Milot, the Commodore of the Lowell Motor Boat Club, extends his invitation to a few good people who want to join.  All you need is to have two members vouch for you and sign your application.

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