meandering with shakespeare and vampires

 It has occured to me that I am not too good at this computer stuff.  I just tried to update my profile on LinkedIn and wrote in “Wedding Preparations.”  It turns out that the landscaping company was helping someone in wedding preparations and it grabbed that title for the Facebook or LinkedIn.  I understand one thing about computers and that is that they are machines with electricity going through it and advanced programming threading that electricity so we can enjoy our time with the damned machine.  Other than that, I am clueless.  My kids understand their computers very well, and so does my wife, but I am clueless.  I do not think that I can even program the television correctly and when I do I come up with shows like “Criminal Minds.”  The only criminal minds on that show are the writers.’   They come up with some situations that are so bizarre, even the criminals are in awe of their sheer mindset.  Then there are the vampire shows.
     The vampire shows have whole minorities of vampires trying to make it in a nonvampire world that hates them.  Why?  Well I would have to guess it has to do something with the vampires killing people by gnawing at their necks.  The prettiest women on the shows love the vampires, it seems, and there, as Shakespeare would say, is the rub.  Do not get me wrong, their are a significant number of people out there who believe that vampires are Shakespearean material and that, given the chance, he would have written about them.  I am not of the ilk, even though I do believe that he scuplted his characters for the masses.  Uneducated groundlings sat in the “cheap seats” or, as history would have it, on the ground, thus the name.  And they could not even read.  But, unlike all but the most educated of us, they understood Shakespeare and he understood them.  Think about his contributions.  In “Hamlet,” he deals with ghosts of dead kings.  In “Richard III” he deals with the death of an unpopular king, whose remains were just uncovered in the Tower of London.  For some strange reason, they took DNA from a direct descendant to prove it was the king.  Now, bear with me for a bit, if the dead king has descendants, doesn’t that make them the heirs, the true Plantagenet heirs, to the throne?   In the absence of the heirs of Harold the Saxon, who was the king before William the Conqueror, the Plantagenets have the right to the throne, not the Windsors who now occupy it, because the Plantagenets are direct descendants of William.  The man who gave the DNA sample should, by all English laws and traditions, be king.  That is how I see it anyway.  However, I digress.
     I told my wife that while she watched the vampire movies, I would sit outside on the deck and if any vampires came by, I would certainly invite them in.  That, according to the shows, it the only way a vampire can enter your house.  After perhaps a year, without vampire sightings, I was ready to pack it in.  Then, right in our dining room, a huge bat flew right at me.   Now, it is well known that vampires can appear as bats.  So I wrapped it up in a towel, and threw it outside.  But, I gave up saying that I would invite a vampire in, because one came in in the shape of a huge bat.  Where it gained access to the dining room I do not know.  However, I became a believer in letting my wife and daughter watch vampire shows.
     Getting back to computers, which is what televisions are now, the programs on television are, in my opinion, not too good.  I have another friend who sells his used car by putting a sign on it “Runs good.”  He sells every car.  He has a doctorate in History but uses that phrase because the average person understands it.  My father had his doctorate and he would have written a dissertation on why you should buy his car.  Not this good doctor, he is direct, to the point, and wastes no words.   Even he, to be honest, cannot understand current television programming.  He does not believe that television “runs good,” and neither do I.
     In my opinion television is an huge disappointment.  It is geared to the lowest common denominator.  It is disappointing.  The only show I really enjoy, and I have no idea why, is the daily “CityLife” with John McDonough and George Anthes.  I do not often agree with much these two say, but, like Captain Nelson, “I defend to the death their right to say it.”  So those are the meanderings of my mind for tonight.  I hope it makes some sense, because I certainly do not believe that it does.  Thank you for understanding.